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Public Foundation of Food Physics

Somlói str. 14-16., H-1118 Budapest, Hungary
NTCA 18257609-1-43
ERSTE Bank IBAN HU24 1160 0006 0000 0000 1658 9892, SWIFT/BIC: GIBAHUHB

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Editorial Office
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Institute of Food Science and Technology
1118 Budapest, Somlói u. 14-16

ISSN 1416-3365 (print)
ISSN 2062-803X (online)

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: András S. Szabó, Corvinus University of Budapest
Managing editor: Péter László, Corvinus University of Budapest

Gábor Ágyai Szabó,
Intersnack Hungary Ltd.
László Baranyai,
Szent István University
Katalin Badak-Kerti,
Szent István University
László Cser,
HAS Wigner Research Centre for Physics
László Deák,
István Széchenyi High School
József Felföldi,
Szent István University
Lajos Helyes,
Szent István University
Zsuzsanna Hovorka-Horváth,
University of Szeged
Radomir Lásztity,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Rezső György Lovas,
HAS Institute for Nuclear Research
Dénes Lőrinczy,
University of Pécs
József Pálinkás,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
András Salgó,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Barnabás Sas József Werli,
Hungarian Baker Association

Published by

Public Foundation of Food Physics (H-1118 Budapest, Somlói u. 14-16., Hungary). Responsible person: András S. Szabó, Editor in Chief.


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